MingHe B3603 User Manual: Power and Amp Hour Display Option

In addition to the default current and voltage displays,  the B3603 can be set up so that it will also display both the power being output and the amp hours accumulated output since the last time the B3603 was powered on.

With respect the amp hour display, it is important to note that turning the output off with the “SET Button” will not reset the counter to zero.    Instead, turning the output off will simply paused counting. Turning the output back on via the “OK Button” will cause counting of amp hours to resume.

In other words, the Amp Hour display is only reset by cycling power to the B3603.

Setting The Power and Amp Hour Display Option

Enabling or disabling the power and amp hour displays must be done through the User Selectable Features menu.   This procedure for setting this option is as follows:

Step 1 – Turn off or remove power to the B3603 power supply.

Step 2 – Press and hold the ‘OK Button’.

Step 3 – With the ‘OK Button’ still pressed, turn on or apply power to the power supply.  Keep the ‘OK Button’ pressed!

Step 4 – With power applied to B3603 and the ‘OK Button’ still pressed,  the display will cycle between three values.   The values are –0-‘‘–1-‘,  and ‘–2-‘.

Step 5 –  Release the ‘OK Button’ when the display reads ‘–1-‘.   The option for automatic display cycling will have been changed.

Note – When the ‘OK Button’ is released,  the display will briefly flash either ‘–y-‘  or  ‘–n-‘.   If  ‘–y-‘ is flashed,  the display will show power and amp hours.   If  ‘–n-‘   is flashed,  the display will only display voltage and current.

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