MingHe B3603 User Manual: Features and Specifications

Basic Description

The MingHe B3603 is a constant voltage, constant current step down (or buck) power supply.

It accepts inputs from 6 to 40 Vdc and provides outputs from 0 to 40 Vdc.

It features a four digit display that can display the following:

  • Voltage limit set point
  • Current limit set point
  • Voltage output – real time
  • Current output – real time
  • Amp Hours – accumulated since being turned on.
  • Power – in watts, real time
  • Navigation to various set up menus and memory menus.

Electrical Specifications

Input Voltage6 to 40 Vdc
Output Voltage0 to 36 Vdc
Output Current0 to 2A with no cooling. 0 to 3A with cooling
Voltage Display Resolution0.01 Vdc
Current Display Resolution0.001A
Power Display Resolution0.001 Watt
Amp Hour Display Resolution0.001 AH
EfficiencyUp to 92 percent
Output Ripple<= 50mV
Operating Temperature Range-40 deg C to +85 deg C
Switching Frequency150 kHz
Short Circuit ProtectionSet by constant current limit
Reverse Polarity ProtectionNone. Install a diode if necessary.

Physical Dimensions


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