MingHe B3603 User Manual: User Selectable Features

Available User Selectable Features

The B3603 Constant Current, Constant Voltage Step Down power supply offers three user configurable features through it’s functions menu.   The features include:

Function 0 – Allows use to choose whether or not the output is enable when power is supplied to the step down converter.

Function 1 – User may select whether or not to display power and amp hours.

Function 2 – User can choose to whether or not to cycle between values as a power up option.

Accessing the Functions Menu

The Power Supply’s Functions Menu is accessed by applying power with the ‘OK Button’ pressed.   With the ‘OK Button’ still pressed after power is applied the display will cycle between three values that represent the three user configurable options.

The steps to accessing the functions menu are as follows:

Step 1 – Turn off or remove power to the B3603 power supply.

Step 2 – Press and hold the ‘OK Button’.

Step 3 – With the ‘OK Button’ still pressed, turn on or apply power to the power supply.  Keep the ‘OK Button’ pressed!

Step 4 – With power applied to B3603 and the ‘OK Button’ still pressed,  the display will cycle between three values.   The values are ‘–0-‘‘–1-‘,  and ‘–2-‘.

Releasing the ‘OK Button’ on of these values will toggle the user selectable state.

For example,  Function 0 allows the user to choose whether or not the output is automatically on when power is applied.  If the power supply were configured to immediately provide an output when power is first applied,  releasing the ‘OK Button’ would cause the B3603 to  toggle to the state where output is off when power is first applied.

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