MingHe B3603 User Manual: Automatic Power Output Option

The B3603 Step Down Converter allows the user select whether or not the power supply provides an output when first powered up.

If placed in a mode where the B3603 automatically applies power output when powered up,  the supply will provide that power based on the last voltage and current settings.

If the B3603 is placed in a mode where the power output is first off,  it will be necessary to enable the output by pressing the ‘OK Button’ while after power is applied the the B3603.

In either state, pressing the ‘SET Button’ will turn the power output off.

Determine the Power Output Configuration

It is recommended that the user first determine the Power Output state before changing the configuration.  The process is simple.

Step 1 – Remove or turn off power to the power supply.

Step 2 – Apply or turn on power to the power supply.

Step 3– Note whether or not the ‘OUT LED’  is illuminated.

If the ‘OUT LED’ is illuminated,   the power supply is set up to automatically provide an output when first turned on.

If the ‘OUT LED’ is not illuminated, the power supply is set so that output is off when the B3603 is first energized.

Changing the Power Output Configuration

The steps to change the power output option are detailed in the procedure below:

Step 1 – Turn off or remove power to the B3603 power supply.

Step 2 – Press and hold the ‘OK Button’.

Step 3 – With the ‘OK Button’ still pressed, turn on or apply power to the power supply.  Keep the ‘OK Button’ pressed!

Step 4 – With power applied to B3603 and the ‘OK Button’ still pressed,  the display will cycle between three values.   The values are –0-‘‘–1-‘,  and ‘–2-‘.

Step 5 –  Release the ‘OK Button’ when the display reads ‘–0-‘.   The power output configuration will have been changed.

Note – When ‘OK Button’ is released,  the display will either indicate ‘–y-‘  or  ‘–n-‘.

If the display indicates  ‘–y-‘  when the  ‘OK button’  is released, it means that output will be automatically turned on when the power supply is energized.

If the display indicates ‘–n-‘ when the ‘OK Button’ is released,  the buck power supply will have its output disabled when it is first energized.

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