MingHe B3603 User Manual: Automatic Cycling Display Option

The display for the B3603 power supply may be configured so that it automatically cycles between voltage and current values,  or it may be configured so that the value being displayed remains fixed until the user quickly presses the ‘OK button’.

The choice between an fixed or an automatically cycling display may be selected as a default power up option or it may be made when unit is on and the output is enabled.

Key Point – Display cycling,  if enabled, only occurs when the output is enabled.

Choosing the Default Cycling Display Option

Choosing a fixed or cycling display as a default power option is done by accessing the user selectable features menu.   The following is a step by step procedure for changing this option through this menu.

Step 1 – Turn off or remove power to the B3603 power supply.

Step 2 – Press and hold the ‘OK Button’.

Step 3 – With the ‘OK Button’ still pressed, turn on or apply power to the power supply.  Keep the ‘OK Button’ pressed!

Step 4 – With power applied to B3603 and the ‘OK Button’ still pressed,  the display will cycle between three values.   The values are –0-‘‘–1-‘,  and ‘–2-‘.

Step 5 –  Release the ‘OK Button’ when the display reads ‘–2-‘.   The option for automatic display cycling will have been changed.

Note – When the ‘OK Button’ is released,  the display will briefly flash either ‘–y-‘  or  ‘–n-‘.   If  ‘–y-‘ is flashed,  the display will cycle when the output is enabled.   If  ‘–n-‘   is flashed,  the display will indicate the voltage output.

Choosing the Cycling Display During Operation

A cycling display of values may be started or stopped when the power supply is on and the output is enabled.

This is done by pressing the ‘OK button’ for more than one second.

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