ESP8266 ESP-01 Pin Outs and Schematics

ESP-01 Quick Reference

This short page offers some handy graphics for those using the ESP8266 ESP-01 WiFi Board.

Keep in mind, the boards have more than one revision and this solely represents the boards in my possession.

ESP-01 Schematic

There are other schematics on the internet.  I found them a little cumbersome and ambiguous.   Therefore I created my own.   I cleared up the ambiguities by actually metering the circuit out.

ESP8266 ESP-01 Pin Outs

The illustration below shows the Pin Outs of the ESP-01 pin outs.  These pins can serve different functions that are discussed in other articles.

ESP8266 SOC Pinouts

At the heart of the Chip is the ESP8266 System On a Chip.    The illustration below shows the pin numbering.  A more complete explanation of the pin functions can be found here.