Arduino CAN Bus Module Pin Outs and Schematics

MCP2515 TJA1050 CAN Bus Module

These Arduino CAN Bus modules are based on the MCP2515 CAN Controller and the TJA1050 CAN Transceiver.   They provide a lot of bang for the buck and will allow you start to start interfacing your projects to CAN networks.    Common CAN applications include vehicles (via OBDII or J1939) and industrial monitoring and controls.

Communication to this module with your Arduino is achievable via SPI.  The device includes a jumper configurable 120 Ohm Resistor and a CAN V2.B support.  More, there are existing libraries that make building projects relatively easy.

Getting One

These devices are readily available and can cost less than $2.00 including shipping.

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Arduino CAN Bus Module Pin Outs and Connections

The picture below shows the pin outs for the CAN Bus Module.


CAN Bus Module Component Locations

The components are clearly marked on the board.  This sketch is offered so you don’t have to strain your eyes.

Arduino CAN Bus Module Schematic

The illustration below is the schematic for this module.


Major Component Datasheets

The major components on this board are the MCP2515 and the TJA1050.   Their links are included below.

MCP2515 Data Sheet

TJA1050 Data Sheet