KY-008 Arduino Laser Module: Guide and Tutorial


KY-008 Laser ModuleThis Keyes device is one of the more common devices found in Arduino sensor kits.   Coupled with other components, it can be used to create trip wires or optical effects.

The KY-008 is particularly neat because it can be directly powered from an Arduino output pin as it only draws 30 mA from the processor that has outputs rated for 40 mA.


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KY-008 Specifications

Supply Voltage5 Vdc
Current30 mA
Wavelength650 nm

KY-008 Pin Outs

You need only supply ground and power to this device as shown in the picture below:

KY-008 Laser Module Pin Outs

KY-008 Arduino Tutorial

 Connect your Laser to your Arduino

It just takes to connections to make this device work.  Just use the picture below.

KY-008 Laser Module Arduino Tutorial

Copy, Paste and Upload the KY-008 Arduino Tutorial Sketch

In this sketch, you are creating a loop the turns the laser on for half a second and off for a half a second.

// Henry's Bench
// KY-008 Tutorial... On then Off

int laserPin = 10;

void setup ()
   pinMode (laserPin, OUTPUT); // define the digital output interface 13 feet
void loop () {
   digitalWrite (laserPin, HIGH); // Turn Laser On
   delay (1000); // On For Half a Second
   digitalWrite (laserPin, LOW); // Turn Laser Off
   delay (500); // Off for half a second

Test your Arduino Driven Laser

After uploading, you should see the laser continuously turn on for half a second and off for another half second.



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