Arduino Adafruit GFX Library User Guide

An Illustrated Approach

The Adafruit GFX library is a widely used interface for Arduino TFT displays.   The routines offered in this library will jump start the graphical display portion of your project.

Each of the areas I cover below include sample sketches that are intended not only to give the technical usage details,  but to inspire a little of your own creativity.

Arduino 16 bit tft color

Arduino TFT 16 RGB565 Color Selection

When you first play with an Arduino TFT display, you could specify blue and get a muddy orange. That will be because you’re trying to use a 24 bit color code where a 16 bit is required.

This quick guide will help you to get the color you want the first time.

Includes a description of the color code, a cool link to a color selector and a sample sketch.

Adafruit GFX Coordinates

Arduino Adafruit GFX Library Coordinates

Simple article describing the Adafruit GFX display coordinates.

Also includes discussions about what to expect when using pixel coordinates.

Adafruit GFX Pixels and Lines

Arduino Adafruit GFX Pixels and Lines

Once you’ve got a handle on coordinates and color, the next step is to play with lines and pixels.

This tutorial provides illustrated descriptions of the functions that cause lines and pixels to be drawn on your TFT display.

It also includes Sample Sketches that show the use of each function.

Arduino Adafruit GFX Rectangles

Arduino Adafruit GFX Rectangles

Boxes by themselves are boring.

Boxes that are displayed on TFT creatively can add some polish to your finished project.

This article examines the drawRect() routine in the Adafruit GFX library. It includes sample sketches and includes clearly illustrated descriptions of routine.

Arduino Adafruit GFX Drawing Circles

Arduino Adafruit GFX Circles

The circle graphic primitive has tons of possibilities for the person with a creative mind.

This article shows how to use both drawCircle and fillCircle to creating interesting graphic elements.

It includes sample sketches and graphics that illustrate the use of of both these functions.

Arduino Adafruit GFX  Drawing Triangles

Arduino Adafruit GFX Triangles

Triangles are yet another graphics primitive available in Adafruit GFX package.

Making them less than primitive is only limited by your creativity.

This article includes illustrated instructions and sample sketches.

Adafruit GFX Round Rectangle Guide

Arduino Adafruit GFX Round Rectangles

Rounded rectangles can be used a variety of ways to give screen elements a finished look.

The Adafruit GFX library offers to flavors. The drawn rounded rectangle and the filled rounded rectangle.

Each can be used as a border to surround text.

The functions that are used to draw these rectangles also offer an alternative means of drawing circles.

Adafruit GFX Characters

Arduino Adafruit GFX drawing Characters

Drawing characters is pretty simple.

Drawing characters with a predictable result requires a little understanding of what it is you are asking the display to do when drawing a character.

Adafruit GFX Printing to TFT Screen

Arduino Adafruit GFX Printing to the Screen

Easy stuff. You just need to know how to prepare your screen for printing and then use the same commands you use to print to the serial monitor.

Arduino TFT Bar Graph Tutorial

Arduino TFT Bargraph using Adafruit GFX

This tutorial will show you how to build a basic bar graph onto your TFT display.

The intent is to get you familiar with some of the basics so that you can construct your own.