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Welcome to my little corner of the internet… and my cave.

Low cost electronic devices don’t always have readily available documentation and when they do,  they are translated to a form of English that requires a bottle of Tylenol to understand.

Here you will find some of my online manuals, projects and curated web content for these cool,  yet poorly documented widgets


Arduino Voltage Measurements

Arduino Voltage MeasurementsSensors frequently provide a scaled voltage output.

Mastering voltage measurements is just one of those things you need to do if you hope to build the coolest of projects.

This collection of articles not only discusses voltage measurements, but introduces techniques and devices that make better measurements possible.


Arduino Current Measurements

Adruino Current MeasurementsIn this greener age,  there is great deal of interest in monitoring energy consumption.   Monitoring current is a key aspect of doing just that.

Monitoring current is also important in many forms of device control.   I’ve tried a few of these current measuring devices.



Arduino Temperature Measurements

Adruino Temperature MeasurementsWhile electronic thermometers are cool for measuring ambient air,  they serve a significant role in device control, protection and monitoring as well.

Understanding and mastering temperature measurement’s is key to building something that lasts more than a week.


Arduino Displays

Arduino DisplaysWhen we build an Arduino project,  things go off and on. Stuff gets measured  and users get prompted to respond.

In my display section I list articles that I have written for displays that I have actually experiment with.    The intent is to make it so you can actually get a display like one of these to work the first time.


Arduino Sensors and Input

Adruino Sensors and InputThis where your micro controller gets interesting.

There are tons of devices that can be used as input to your Arduino.   How you condition that input or control other devices is where creativity begins to explode.

In this section I present the devices I have connected up to an Arduino and show you how to do the same.


Arduino Output Devices

Arduino Output DevicesOutput devices allow us to take control based upon input.

These include motors, SD cards, LEDs, relays and more.

Each of the articles shows the basics of device control and includes illustrations and sketches.



Arduino Adafruit GFX Library Reference

adafruit gfx referenceThe library can be used with many displays.

If you invest a little time in mastering it,  you will be producing quality displays in no time.

The articles in this section provide illustrations and sample sketches to jump start your learning.



Arduino U8GLIB Graphics Library

Arduino uglib libraryI like being able to switch between displays without a lot of code changes.

Like the Adafruit GFX,  this library supports a bunch of displays.

This section is where I am collecting articles that I write about this library.



Arduino Projects, Tips and More

Arduino ProjectsFind an 18650 battery charger,  a constant current supply, tips, tricks and even a smoke detector.

Everything built was done using components discussed on this site.

This is the place that catches everything else.



Power Supplies and Converters

Power Supplies and ConvertersAt some point,  you will want to do something other than power your Arduino from your computer USB port.

You will need to power sensors that operate at different levels or require more current than your USB port can provide.

This page will take you to power supplies and converters that I have experimented with.



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